Budget Accommodation - GreenLand Cottage ($10-$25)

Nestled in a valley with a view of Ganges on one side, mountains on the other side. The cute littlle cottages are perfect for serious meditators & yogis. It is green, windy and sunny at the same time.(WiFi Enabled)

Mid-Tier Accommodation - Hilltop Cottage ($30-$50)

Built in the side of a mountain with spacious rooms and bathrooms. With a socially active staff it is the perfect place to meet fellow travelers while doing Yoga.(WiFi Enabled)

Luxury Accommodation - Deva Retreat ($60-$100)

Surrounded by green fields and mountains this is the palace for folks who like sprituality with comfort. Nice modern rooms, rooftop deck, spa, pool, library and a lecture hall.(WiFi Enabled)

Mountain Accommodation - Parvati Kutir (Package)

Situated on the tallest mountain of the area it has a stunning 360 view of Rishikesh and surrounding areas. Clear beautiful sky and starry night sky so close that you feel you can touch it(NO WiFi).