iPrana Foundation:

We are a group of Scholars, Yogis, Vaidys. Our focus is utilizing the knowledge of Tantras and Vedas to teach individuals find their life purpose and then align their passions to achieve it. We believe sprituality driven alignment of Body, Mind and Soul leads to a life of Peace, Happiness and Contentment. So we believe in Prosperity through Sprituality.

Guides (Acharya)

Yogi Shankar(Shastragya):
A Vedic and Tantrik scholar who designs and organizes the workshop based on knowledge contained in ancient Sanskrit texts from 5000 BC. He has translated important Sanskrit texts such as Patanjali Yog Sutra, Hatha Yoga Pradepika, Vijan Bhairav Tantra, Shiv Sutras, Bhagavd Gita, Chankay’s Arthshatra, Vatsayan’s Kamasutra, Manu’s Dharmashatara, Charak Samhita, and Surishta Samhita. He belongs to the Spanda school of Kashmir Shavism. The Spanda system is about creating resonance in our daily interactions be at material or spritual level by expanding human consciousness.

Yogi Vikas (Anatomy):
A classic Hatha Yoga teacher who has a strong knowledge of various bodily systems and their effective functioning. Besides analyzing the students he helps them correct issues with remedial postures, and inversions.

Pandit Vinayak (Sanskrit):
A Sanskrit scholar and a Vedic Brahmin who has a encyclopedic konwledge of Vedas, Purans, and Agamas. Being a practising Pandit he organizes our Yagnas(ritualistic chantings). He has Phd in Sanskrit from Lal Bhadur Shastri Institute Delhi.

Yogi Dushant (Pranayam):
A classic Hatha Yoga teacher who has taught students and trained Yoga teachers globally. He graduated from Sivananda Yoga school and Bihar School of Yoga over a decade ago. His focus on breath, fundamentals, and caring attitude makes him a student favorite.

Yogi Harish (Asana):
A gifted Yogi who makes the hardest poses look simple. With great focus on alignment and flexibility he helps even experinced Yogi’s get the fundamentals right.

Yogi Sandeep (Dhyana):
He is an experienced meditation well versed in preparing students for the mediation to occur. Was personally trained by Yogi Shankar in a large range of esoteric Tantrik techniques to suit the unique personality of the student.

Yogi Arjun (Shatkarma):
Graduated from Sivananda Yoga school and taught Yoga and detoxification techniques at various ashram. Irrespective of his youth his decade long experience gives him wonderful insight in teaching detoxification kriyas.

Vaidya Vishwanath (Ahara):
An Ayurvedic physician with a decade plus experience advising patient on diet and lifestyle issues in his practice, tour and television programs. He also advises various Ayurvedic drug manufactures on effective formulations for varied patient phsyiology.

Vaidya Arya (Ayurveda):
An Ayurvedic physician with a busy family practices curing stubborn medical conditions defying allopathic cure. He is well versed in failings of modern medicine. With knowledge of genomics, personalized medicine and excellent diagnostic ability he seems to have a simple solution for most medical conditions.

Vaidya Sharma (Nadi/Dosha):
He was trained by some of the foremost Ayurvedic practitioners in pulse diagnosis. This ability plus his vast experience gives him the diagnosis which expensive modern diagnostic tools miss.

Vaidya Vengopal (Marma):
A classically trained Marma therapist and an expert in the ancient martial art of Kalaripayattu from Kerala. He has the magical ability to press a point on your body and make strains/pains go away.

Pandit Bhaskar (Astrology):
He comes from a renowned family of Vedic astrologers who have advised ancientroyalty, modern day industry captains and movie stars. He is a foremost believer in the use of Nakshatra system which due to underlying accuracy of the solar system leads to precise predictions.