Rishikesh or Hṛṣīkeśa "हृषीकेश" in Sanskrit means “Master of Senses”; a fitting description for a Spiritual Haven and the Yoga Capital of the World located on the banks of azure watered River Ganga. It is also the gateway to the great Himalayan Range bordering Nepal, Tibet and China. Thus good place to procure Ayurvedic herbs, artisan crafted natural clothes, and world class trekking/rafting with stunning views.

Rishikesh 250 Kms from New Delhi international airport is easily reachable via plane, train, taxi and Volvo buses. The two bridges on Ganges; Ram and Laxmam Jhula are the hub of action. The nearby Tapovan area away from the bustle provides the perfect blend of calm, peace with home like environment for good organic food and social interactions with fellow spritual seekers from around the globe.

Around Town

Ganga Beach
Excellent stretch of sand along the shores of Ganga between Ram & Laxman Jhula bridges. Perfect place to take a dip in ice cold waters of Ganga, soak the sun on the sand/rock and then ponder life’s big decision or just shoot the breeze with fellow traveller.
Kunjapuri Temple
It is located atop a peak overlooking the town with views of distant Himalayan peaks. A nice 8 Km trek through the forests were you will pass through villages, see waterfalls, and every now and then some wild animals. Some nice spots for Yoga and meditation along the way.
Vaishist Cave
Amazing cave in a mountain near the banks of rover Ganges about 20 Km from town. It has a pulsing energy which seems to trigger chakra vibrations and sudden insights even in people with minimal spiritual quotient. Unsurprisingly great seers have meditated here from eons including Rishi Vaishst. Vaishst the famous author of Yoga Vishists explained the “Meaning of Life” to a young prince named Ram who now is revered as Lord Rama.
Beatles Ashram
A serene spiritual commune founded by Maharishi in 1950s surrounded by river Ganga on one side and dense forest. It was were Beatles stayed and created great music in 1960s under the spiritual guidance of Maharishi. The stunning space capsule like huts with great views also seem to creatively energize people and unchain then to belt out a tune. While somewhat run down the government is now actively working to spruce it up.
Kailas Ashram
A traditional Vedantic ashram were 5,000 year old Vedic wisdom is preserved, and promoted. It has taught great personalities like Swami Viveknanda, Swami Ram Tirtha and Swami Shivanda who brought Yoga and India philosophies to the west during early 20th century. But it is an ashram meant for very serious Sansaysin who are celibate and are ready for liberation or Moksha and avoid the incessant cycles of birth and death.