iPrana Weekly Worshops

Guide:Yogi Shankar

Learn the theory and practical wisdom of 5,000 year old Indian Vedic Civilization. Wisdom which can help you lead a joyous life were passion & purpose are aligned.

Instructions are personalized based on each students unique Dosha(body/mind type), Goals and Environment. Workshops are personally designed & guided by Yogi Shankar, a Tantric teacher from Spanda school of Kashmir Shavism(Trika). He is supported by an expert team of Yogis, Ayurvedic physicians, Vedic & Sanskrit Scholars.

These workshop techniques are meant for "householders" people who hold jobs, run businesses, have family but seek spirituality for reaching lasting Happiness, Peace and Contentment with step by step adjustments to their lives.

Meditation Workshop -(3 Days)

Want to feel centered, stress free, and fresh every day ? You can with skills to freeze the monkey mind, restrain the five senses, and limiting the ego sense.

Awakening Workshop -(5 Days)

Feeling ambivalent, exhausted & drained ? Your will for purposeful action renews with cleansing & nourishing of the mind + body.

Life Architecture™ Workshop -(7 Days)

Want a life were work, play and socializing are the same ? This can be achieved when body, mind and soul are aligned. This results in a life Passion, Purpose and Talent are aligned.

Shatkarma Workshop -(1 Days)

Learn six simple techniques of cleansing the body. Involves flushing bodily networks or srotas for efficent Prana(life force) flow. Results in health, youthfullness and calmness.

Tantra Workshop -(2 Days)

Spirituality in a life of money, sex, power, family and other worldly attachments ? Tantrism believes weaving through such experiences with directed Will, Knowledge and Action makes liberation easier. But transitioning from materialism to spritualism takes decades as we slowly transition from Bhoga(pleasure) to Yoga(realization) during our lifetime.